Lex Generalis Law Journal is a forum formed to accommodate written works that have ties to the law in several fields in general. As the name implies, "Lex Generalis" which is Latin which means "Common Law", this Law Journal is also loaded with the works of the legal academic community. In general, the writings that are accommodated are papers, legal opinions, articles, and scientific papers residues from lecture assignments and those that have been contested. However, editorials maintain the feasibility and validity of written works by requiring the inclusion of scientific sources and legal sources. Such citations are manifested in the form of footnotes (Footnotes) and bibliography (Bibliography) in each contained writing.
The main purpose of the Lex Generalist Law Journal is to be a reference guard for the academic community who are writing both for the purposes of assignments and other scientific writing. In addition, another purpose of the Lex Generalist Law Journal is to be a container that accommodates your writings and to add insight to readers of both the legal community, academics, practitioners, and the general public. Some of the published writings have interesting topics to raise and hopefully can also be understood by ordinary people. It is hoped that the launch of the Lex Generalis Legal Journal managed by Rewang Rencang, it can provide benefits. Considering the Lex Generalis Law Journal will publish a compilation of legal writings according to the topic or theme every month. One issue will contain three to five posts related to the monthly topic or theme that is being prepared for release. The theme includes:
1. January : International Law Series
2. February : Islamic Law Series
3. March : Customary Law Series
4. April : Civil Law Series
5. May : Labor and Employment Law Series
6. June : Family Law Series
7. July : Criminal Law Series
8. August: Government Law Series (Administrative Law and Constitutional Law
9. September : Agrarian Law Series
10. October : Series of Philosophy of Law, Political Law and Ethics of the Legal Profession
11. November : Environmental Law Series
12. December : Law and Human Rights Series