Binary Option As Commodity Futures In Indonesia


  • Danastri Puspitasari Law Faculty Gadjah Mada University
  • Faiq Rizqi Aulia Rachim Law Faculty Gadjah Mada University


Binary Option, Commodity, Commodity Futures, Consumer Protection


A Binary Option is a financial product in which parties that are involved in the transaction are assigned one of two options in a certain time period. Juridically, Binary Option legality as one of commodity futures is still debatable. To be considered as commodity futures must fulfill the “futures contract” phrase in Commodity Futures Trading Act. Referring to the contract objective requirement, it’s needed to fulfill an admissible clause which Binary Option is still questionable in its contract validity.  From the consumer side, without any Bappebti license, Binary Option consumer protection is still kept in the dark either juridically or practically.



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